2014 Convention: Trainers

Shantigarbha, UK 

Shantigarbha square 300 jpg

“As a child I felt a connection with India, even though I had never been there and there was no family connection. When I first visited in 1989 I felt a sense of relief, like I was coming home. I continued to visit through my connection with Buddhism. When I learned NVC it seemed natural to share it with my Indian friends. In recent years I’ve expanded my work to include Sri Lanka (where I appeared on TV), the USA and the Middle East. Last January we ran a 9-day training for 100 Israelis and Palestinians on the West Bank. In these situations I feel most alive!

When I was a child, I wanted to change the world. As a young adult I learned that to change the world, I needed to change myself. I love the way that NVC supports me to flow between working on my inner world, on relationships, and social change.

I’m excited to meet old friends at the Indian NVC Convention and make new friends! And hopefully in the next 12 months you’ll be able to read my book – ‘The Path of Empathy’.”

For more information about Shantigarbha and his trainings, visit www.SeedofPeace.org

Simran KaurIMG_2258_

To me, Nonviolent Communication is Yoga in Communication.Since over 30 years I practice and teach Kundalini Yoga and live as a Sikh now. When I was first introduced to Nonviolent Communication in 1997 through my sister, who suddenly stopped to criticize me and instead spoke about what was burning in her heart, looking for words that would not hurt me, I was astounded. NVC seemed to be about exactly what I cherish about yoga: to be aware and authentic, to do what makes me and others feel good, and contribute to a more harmonious and peaceful world. I took many classes with Marshall Rosenberg and other trainers, and my life has changed beautifully since then. In 2004, I became a certified trainer myself and had the privilege to be an interpreter for Marshall in Germany, and be a co-trainer with him at two IITs (International Intensive Trainings) as well as a lead trainer at a recent IIT in Switzerland.

NVC has become my passion, I offer many courses throughout the year and love to smuggle in some yoga and meditation in order to help the changes that occur inside to settle in nicely.

I have been to Kerala many times as a tourist (and to North India, too, especially of course Amritsar), and now I am looking forward very much to being part of the team at the India NVC Convention. I am curious to see how the “language of life”- as Marshall called NVC – is spelled out in India. See you there! For now, this is my homepage: www.simran@simran.de  Soon, there will be a new one, which I will announce here, too.

Sabine Geiger Sa-Flyer

Ever since I was a girl, India has held an immense fascination to me. This subcontinent stands for color, beauty and mysticism. When I first set foot in Delhi at the age of 24, I instantly felt HOME. Since that day, I have travelled to India many times. And every visit nourishes me – heart, soul and spirit.

When I crossed paths with Marshall Rosenberg in 1998, I was amazed: “How can anyone describe my inner processes so accurately, without ever meeting me?!” The attitude of the empathic, curious, and open heart has always seemed natural to me. Discovering the NVC way to describe and to pass this attitude on to others has immensely enriched my life.

After Marshall, my NVC work was influenced by Miki & Inbal Kashtan and by Robert Gonzales. By introducing me to Restorative Circles, Dominic Barter inspired me to look at conflict in a different way. I am excited to share his approach with all of you.

 My passion? Tapping into the wisdom of the body while using the framework of the NVC process. How can we experiment with body sensations and link them to our feelings and needs? To me, that is an ongoing exploration. You are kindly invited to join me on this journey..!

My website is under construction, yet you will find some info under SabineGeiger.com

Marion Guerin Mail Attachment

I am so proud to be one of the team members that brings nonviolent communication to India.

Nonviolent communication represents to me pure empathy, a source of pure hope and connection between human beings.

Being able to catalyse and witness the NVC power of empathic listening  and all the wisdom and personal development that comes with it, genuinely inspires me and brings much gratitude into my life. Years ago I was living in an Ashram here in Germany and practiced many years of Kundalini Yoga.

Through that I came to visit India several times and as soon as I arrived there, I felt so much at peace. Ever since deep in my heart I feel strongly connected to India and have always longed to go back – and now finally with NVC my dream is finally coming true. In December 2013 I spent a week in Cyprus supporting the small group there to spread NVCover the island. What a great honor for me!

I am so excited about meeting all my new indian giraffe-friends in India and so look forward to being a part of this community.

Christlin Rajendram  Chris rajendram

The Indian Convention is the best thing that happened to NVC in Asia, thanks to the French NVC team and the trainers in India.  I have tried to attend them every year.  I am excited that I am hoping to be there in January 2013.  I have dream for this convention to multiply in all of Asia.

Emma Collins – Switzerland  IMG_0870_2

I have been visiting India for the past 16 years to spend time with my brother and his family who live in Auroville. It feels like my other home and I always come back with joy in my heart. This will be my third NVC Convention and I have been busy with the organizing of the event, with a team of friends, since early 2013. I am thrilled to join the trainer team and contribute to sharing NVC in India.

In 2009 I started to explore Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication and was deeply moved by the intention to bring peace to the world and the process it offered to support connecting to what is alive in me. When I understood that everything that everyone says and does is an attempt to meet a need my heart melted. I was inspired and filled with hope for the possibility for peace in my heart and for a new way of relating to myself and others.

I live and work as a coach and trainer in Switzerland and I have taken part in Nonviolent Communication training with over fifteen different International Trainers, including Marshall Rosenberg. I have been sharing NVC since 2011 and am currently a certification candidate with CNVC. You can read more about me here: Emma Collins Coaching

Stefan Gebert, Germany

“I have experienced my biggest NVC moments and days during the last two conventions in India and I am carrying with me a deep gratitude for these opportunities. I am absolutely excited to be in the convention’s space again, to witness how the community spirit unfolds this time and to have deep learning and inspiration as part of the team. Thinking ahead makes me hum and ♫ whistle.”

I work as a trainer and facilitator in organisational change and personnel development with a particular passion for Nonviolent Communication (NVC). My journey with NVC started in 2008 and I am currently a certification candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and have been actively sharing NVC in various formats since 2010.

Godfrey Spencer, Belgium Mail Attachment

Unfortunately Godfrey has had to cancel his attendance at this year’s convention as he has an operation scheduled for early January, and will be recovering for a month. He sends his love and regrets for not being able to attend.   

A website is under construction. godfreyspencer@gmail.com

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